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# Code Name Link

# Code Name Links
1 frmschema-adonisrc-json AdonisJS configuration file Form
2 frmschema-aiproj-json Settings for project analysis by the application inspector Form
3 frmschema-angular-json Angular configuration file Form
4 frmschema-angular-cli-json Angular CLI configuration file Form
5 frmschema-Ansible-Role Ansible role task files Form
6 frmschema-Ansible-Playbook Ansible playbook files Form
7 frmschema-Ansible-Inventory Ansible inventory files Form
8 frmschema-Ansible-Collection-Galaxy Ansible Collection Galaxy metadata Form
9 frmschema-apple-app-site-association Apple Universal Link, App Site Association Form
10 frmschema-app-definition-yaml Appsemble app definition Form
11 frmschema-appsemblerc-yaml Appsemble RC file Form
12 frmschema-appsscript-json Google Apps Script manifest file Form
13 frmschema-appsettings-json ASP.NET Core's configuration file Form
14 frmschema-appveyor-yml AppVeyor CI configuration file Form
15 frmschema-architect-yml Component Schema Form
16 frmschema-arc-json A JSON schema for OpenJS Architect Form
17 frmschema-Argo-Workflows Argo Workflow configuration file Form
18 frmschema-artifacthub-repo-yml Artifact Hub repository metadata file Form
19 frmschema-Avro-Avsc Avro Schema Avsc file Form
20 frmschema-Azure-IoT-EdgeAgent-deployment Azure IoT EdgeAgent deployment schema Form
21 frmschema-Azure-IoT-EdgeHub-deployment Azure IoT EdgeHub deployment schema Form
22 frmschema-Azure-IoT-Edge-deployment Azure IoT Edge deployment schema Form
23 frmschema-Azure-IoT-Edge-deployment-template Azure IoT Edge deployment template schema Form
24 frmschema-Azure-Pipelines Azure Pipelines YAML pipelines definition Form
25 frmschema-Foxx-Manifest ArangoDB Foxx service manifest file Form
26 frmschema-asmdef Unity 3D assembly definition file Form
27 frmschema-babelrc-json Babel configuration file Form
28 frmschema-backportrc-json Backport configuration file Form
29 frmschema-batect-yml Batect configuration file Form
30 frmschema-beef-database-codegen Beef (Business Entity Execution Framework) database code-generation configuration. Form
31 frmschema-beef-entity-codegen Beef (Business Entity Execution Framework) entity code-generation configuration. Form
32 frmschema-bigquery-table BigQuery table schema Form
33 frmschema-bitbucket-pipelines Bitbucket Pipelines CI/CD manifest schema Form
34 frmschema-bootstraprc Webpack bootstrap-loader configuration file Form
35 frmschema-bower-json Bower package description file Form
36 frmschema-bowerrc Bower configuration file Form
37 frmschema-behat-yml Behat configuration file Form
38 frmschema-bozr-suite-json Bozr test suite file Form
39 frmschema-browser-i18n-json browser.i18n messages.json translation file Form
40 frmschema-bucklescript BuckleScript configuration file Form
41 frmschema-Bukkit-plugin-yml Schema for Minecraft Bukkit plugin description files Form
42 frmschema-Buildkite Schema for Buildkite pipeline.yml files Form
43 frmschema-build-yml Sourcehut Build Manifest Form
44 frmschema-bundleconfig-json Schema for bundleconfig.json files Form
45 frmschema-BungeeCord-plugin-yml Schema for BungeeCord plugin description files Form
46 frmschema-CMake-Presets Schema for CMake Presets Form
47 frmschema-Camel-YAML-DSL Schema for Camel YAML DSL Form
48 frmschema-Carafe Schema for Carafe compatible JavaScript Bundles Form
49 frmschema-CityJSON Schema for the representation of 3D city models Form
50 frmschema-Helm-Chart-yaml The Chart.yaml file is required for a chart. Form
51 frmschema-Helm-Chart-lock The Chart.lock file locks dependencies from Chart.yaml Form
52 frmschema-CircleCI-config-yml Schema for CircleCI 2.0 config files Form
53 frmschema-Code-Climate Configuration file as an alternative for configuring your repository in the settings page. Form
54 frmschema-cirrus-yml Cirrus CI configuration files Form
55 frmschema-clasp-json Google Apps Script CLI project file Form
56 frmschema-cloudify Cloudify Blueprint Form
57 frmschema-codemagic JSON schema for Codemagic CI/CD file configuration Form
58 frmschema-JSON-schema-for-Codecov-configuration-files Schema for codecov.yml files. Form
59 frmschema-VSCode-Code-Snippets Schema for code snippet files in visual studio code extensions Form
60 frmschema-compilerconfig-json Schema for compilerconfig.json files Form
61 frmschema-compile-commands-json LLVM compilation database Form
62 frmschema-commands-json Config file for Command Task Runner Form
63 frmschema-cosmos-config-json React Cosmos configuration file Form
64 frmschema-Chrome-Extension Google Chrome extension manifest file Form
65 frmschema-chutzpah-json Chutzpah configuration file Form
66 frmschema-contentmanifest-json Visual Studio manifest injection file Form
67 frmschema-cloud-sdk-pipeline-config-schema SAP Cloud SDK Pipeline configuration Form
68 frmschema-cloudbuild-json Google Cloud Build configuration file Form
69 frmschema-Google-Cloud-Workflows Google Cloud Workflows configuration file Form
70 frmschema-Citation-File-Format A YAML file with citation metadata for software or datasets. Form
71 frmschema-coffeelint-json CoffeeLint configuration file Form
72 frmschema-composer-json PHP Composer configuration file Form
73 frmschema-component-json Web component file Form
74 frmschema-config-json ASP.NET project config file Form
75 frmschema-contribute-json A JSON schema for open-source project contribution data by Mozilla Form
76 frmschema-cypress-json test runner configuration file Form
77 frmschema-creatomic A config for Atomic Design 4 React generator Form
78 frmschema-cspell JSON schema for cspell configuration file Form
79 frmschema-csscomb-json A JSON schema CSS Comb's configuration file Form
80 frmschema-csslintrc A JSON schema CSS Lint's configuration file Form
81 frmschema-Dart-build-configuration Configuration for Dart's build system Form
82 frmschema-Dart-test-config Configuration for Dart's test package Form
83 frmschema-datalogic-scan2deploy-android Datalogic Scan2Deploy Android file Form
84 frmschema-datalogic-scan2deploy-ce Datalogic Scan2Deploy CE file Form
85 frmschema-debugsettings-json A JSON schema for the ASP.NET DebugSettings.json files Form
86 frmschema-dependabot-json A JSON schema for the Dependabot config.yml files Form
87 frmschema-dependabot-v2-json A JSON schema for the GitHub Action's dependabot.yml files Form
88 frmschema-Deployer-Recipe A JSON schema for Deployer yaml recipes Form
89 frmschema-detekt-yml Detekt Configuration File schema Form
90 frmschema-Discord-Webhook Execute Discord Webhook JSON Schema Form
91 frmschema-docfx-json A JSON schema for DocFx configuration files Form
92 frmschema-Dolittle-Artifacts A JSON schema for a Dolittle bounded context's artifacts Form
93 frmschema-Dolittle-Bounded-Context-Configuration A JSON schema for Dolittle application's bounded context configuration Form
94 frmschema-Dolittle-Event-Horizons-Configuration A JSON schema for a Dolittle bounded context's event horizon configurations Form
95 frmschema-Dolittle-Resources-Configuration A JSON schema for a Dolittle bounded context's resource configurations Form
96 frmschema-Dolittle-Server-Configuration A JSON schema for a Dolittle bounded context's event horizon's interaction server configuration Form
97 frmschema-Dolittle-Tenants-Configuration A JSON schema for a Dolittle bounded context's tenant configuration Form
98 frmschema-dotnetcli-host-json JSON schema for .NET CLI template host files Form
99 frmschema-drone-json Drone CI configuration file Form
100 frmschema-Drush-site-aliases JSON Schema for Drush 9 site aliases file Form
101 frmschema-dss-2-0-0-json Digital Signature Service Core Protocols, Elements, and Bindings Version 2.0 Form
102 frmschema-dvc-yaml JSON Schema for dvc.yaml file Form
103 frmschema-Eclipse-Che-Devfile JSON schema for Eclipse Che Devfiles Form
104 frmschema-ecosystem-json pm2 ecosystem config file Form
105 frmschema-esmrc-json Configuration files for the esm module/package in Node.js Form
106 frmschema-Esquio JSON schema for Esquio configuration files Form
107 frmschema-epr-manifest-json Entry Point Regulation manifest file Form
108 frmschema-electron-builder-configuration-file JSON schema for electron-build configuration file. Form
109 frmschema-evcc-yaml JSON schema for evcc configuration file. Form
110 frmschema-Expo-SDK JSON schema for Expo SDK app manifest Form
111 frmschema-eslintrc JSON schema for ESLint configuration files Form
112 frmschema-fabric-mod-json Metadata file used by the Fabric mod loader Form
113 frmschema-F-Droid-Data-metadata Schema for F-Droid Data app metadata files Form
114 frmschema-ffizer-yaml JSON schema for ffizer template configuration files Form
115 frmschema-first-timers-bot A bot that helps onboarding new open-source contributors. Form
116 frmschema-Foundry-VTT---Manifest JSON schema for Foundry VTT system.json and module.json files. Form
117 frmschema-Foundry-VTT---Template JSON schema for Foundry VTT template.json files. Form
118 frmschema-func-yaml JSON schema for Knative Func Plugin func.yaml files Form
119 frmschema-function-json JSON schema for Azure Functions function.json files Form
120 frmschema-GatewayCore-API-Gateway JSON schema for Cloudtoid GatewayCore API Gateway and Reverse Proxy Form
121 frmschema-Global-Privacy-Control Configuration for GPC, so a site can convey its support for the Global Privacy Control. Form
122 frmschema-geojson-json GeoJSON format for representing geographic data. Form
123 frmschema-GitVersion The output from the GitVersion tool Form
124 frmschema-GitHub-Action YAML schema for GitHub Actions Form
125 frmschema-GitHub-Funding YAML schema for GitHub Funding Form
126 frmschema-GitHub-issue-forms YAML schema for GitHub issue forms Form
127 frmschema-GitHub-Workflow YAML schema for GitHub Workflow Form
128 frmschema-GitHub-Workflow-Template-Properties Json schema for properties json file for a GitHub Workflow template Form
129 frmschema-gitlab-ci JSON schema for configuring Gitlab CI Form
130 frmschema-Gitpod-Configuration JSON schema for configuring Form
131 frmschema-global-json ASP.NET global configuration file Form
132 frmschema-golangci-lint-Configuration golangci-lint configuration file Form
133 frmschema-Grafana-5-x-Dashboard JSON Schema for Grafana 5.x Dashboards Form
134 frmschema-GraphQL-Mesh JSON Schema for GraphQL Mesh config file Form
135 frmschema-GraphQL-Config JSON Schema for GraphQL Config config file Form
136 frmschema-GraphQL-Code-Generator JSON Schema for GraphQL Code Generator config file Form
137 frmschema-Grunt-copy-task Grunt copy task configuration file Form
138 frmschema-Grunt-clean-task Grunt clean task configuration file Form
139 frmschema-Grunt-cssmin-task Grunt cssmin task configuration file Form
140 frmschema-Grunt-JSHint-task Grunt JSHint task configuration file Form
141 frmschema-Grunt-Watch-task Grunt Watch task configuration file Form
142 frmschema-Grunt-base-task Schema for standard Grunt tasks Form
143 frmschema-haxelib-json Haxelib manifest Form
144 frmschema-Hayson Project Haystack data Form
145 frmschema-host-json JSON schema for Azure Functions host.json files Form
146 frmschema-host-meta-json Schema for host-meta JDR files Form
147 frmschema-htmlhintrc HTML Hint configuration file Form
148 frmschema-Ory-Hydra-configuration Schema for Ory Hydra configuration file Form
149 frmschema-imageoptimizer-json Schema for imageoptimizer.json files Form
150 frmschema-imgbotconfig Imgbot Configuration Files Form
151 frmschema-ioBroker-JSON-UI Schema for ioBroker JSON-based admin user interfaces - config, custom and tabs Form
152 frmschema-ioBroker-Package-manifest Schema for ioBroker adapters io-package file Form
153 frmschema-Jekyll-configuration Schema for Jekyll _config.yml Form
154 frmschema-Jenkins-X-Pipelines Jenkins X Pipeline YAML configuration files Form
155 frmschema-Jenkins-X-Requirements Jenkins X Requirements YAML configuration file Form
156 frmschema-JFrog-File-Spec JFrog File Spec schema definition Form
157 frmschema-Jovo-Language-Models JSON Schema for Jovo language Models ( Form
158 frmschema-jsbeautifyrc js-beautify configuration file Form
159 frmschema-jsbeautifyrc-nested js-beautify configuration file allowing nested `js`, `css`, and `html` attributes Form
160 frmschema-jscsrc JSCS configuration file Form
161 frmschema-jshintrc JSHint configuration file Form
162 frmschema-jsinspectrc JSInspect configuration file Form
163 frmschema-JSON-API JSON API document Form
164 frmschema-JSON-Document-Transform JSON Document Transform Form
165 frmschema-JSON-Feed JSON schema for the JSON Feed format Form
166 frmschema-jsonld JSON Linked Data files Form
167 frmschema-JSONPatch JSONPatch files Form
168 frmschema-jsconfig-json JavaScript project configuration file Form
169 frmschema-k3d-yaml k3d configuration file Form
170 frmschema-Ory-Keto-configuration Schema for Ory Keto configuration file Form
171 frmschema-kustomization-yaml Kubernetes native configuration management Form
172 frmschema-label-commenter-config-yml A JSON schema for the configuration of the Label Commenter GitHub Action Form
173 frmschema-launchsettings-json A JSON schema for the ASP.NET LaunchSettings.json files Form
174 frmschema-lerna-json A JSON schema for lerna.json files Form
175 frmschema-lgtm-yml A JSON schema for lgtm configuration files Form
176 frmschema-libman-json JSON schema for client-side library config files Form
177 frmschema-license-report-config-json JSON schema for license report tool configuration file Form
178 frmschema-local-settings-json JSON schema for Azure Functions local.settings.json files Form
179 frmschema-localazy-json JSON schema for Localazy CLI configuration file. More info at Form
180 frmschema-lsdlschema-json JSON schema for Linguistic Schema Definition Language files Form
181 frmschema-Mega-Linter-configuration JSON schema for Mega-Linter configuration file (for Mega-Linter users) Form
182 frmschema-Mega-Linter-descriptor JSON schema for Mega-Linter descriptor files (for Mega-Linter contributors) Form
183 frmschema-Microsoft-Band-Web-Tile Microsoft Band Web Tile manifest file Form
184 frmschema-mimetypes-json JSON Schema for mime type collections Form
185 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Advancement Configuration file defining an advancement for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
186 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Biome Configuration file defining a biome for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
187 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Configured-Carver Configuration file defining a configured carver for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
188 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Dimension-Type Configuration file defining a dimension type for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
189 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Dimension Configuration file defining a dimension for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
190 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Item-Modifier Configuration file defining an item modifier for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
191 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Loot-Table Configuration file defining a loot table for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
192 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Metadata Configuration file defining the metadata of a data pack for Minecraft. Form
193 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Predicate Configuration file defining a predicate for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
194 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Recipe Configuration file defining a recipe for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
195 frmschema-Minecraft-Data-Pack-Template-Pool Configuration file defining a template pool for a data pack for Minecraft. Form
196 frmschema-mocharc JSON schema for MochaJS configuration files Form
197 frmschema-modernizrrc Webpack modernizr-loader configuration file Form
198 frmschema-mycode-json JSON schema for mycode.js files Form
199 frmschema-Netlify-config-schema This schema describes the YAML config that Netlify uses Form
200 frmschema-Nightwatch-js nightwatch.js schema Form
201 frmschema-nest-cli A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient and scalable server-side applications 🚀. Form
202 frmschema-nlu-json Schema for NPM-Link-Up Form
203 frmschema-nodehawkrc JSON schema for .nodehawkrc configuration files. Form
204 frmschema-nodemon-json JSON schema for nodemon.json configuration files. Form
205 frmschema-npmpackagejsonlintrc Configuration file for npm-package-json-lint Form
206 frmschema-nuclei-template-yaml JSON schema for Nuclei Template YAML files. Form
207 frmschema-nuget-project-json JSON schema for NuGet project.json files. Form
208 frmschema-nswag-json JSON schema for nswag configuration Form
209 frmschema-Ory-Oathkeeper-configuration Schema for Ory Oathkeeper configuration file Form
210 frmschema-ocelot-json JSON schema for the Ocelot Api Gateway. Form
211 frmschema-omnisharp-json Omnisharp Configuration file Form
212 frmschema-openapi-json A JSON schema for Open API documentation files Form
213 frmschema-openfin-json OpenFin application configuration file Form
214 frmschema-Outblocks-project-configuration JSON schema for Outblocks project configuration files Form
215 frmschema-Outblocks-App-configuration JSON schema for Outblocks App configuration files Form
216 frmschema-Outblocks-database-table JSON schema for Outblocks database table files Form
217 frmschema-Ory-Kratos-configuration Schema for Ory Kratos configuration file Form
218 frmschema-package-json NPM configuration file Form
219 frmschema-package-manifest Umbraco package configuration file Form
220 frmschema-Packer Packer template JSON configuration Form
221 frmschema-pattern-json Patternplate pattern manifest file Form
222 frmschema-pmbot-yml Pmbot configuration file Form
223 frmschema-PocketMine-plugin-yml PocketMine plugin manifest file Form
224 frmschema-plagiarize-yaml Yaml schema for Plagiarize Form
225 frmschema-plagiarize-me-yaml Yaml schema for Plagiarize MEe Form
226 frmschema-portman-json JSON schema for Portman's configuration file Form
227 frmschema-postcssrc PostCSS configuration file Form
228 frmschema-pre-commit-config-yml pre-commit configuration file Form
229 frmschema-phraseapp-yml PhraseApp configuration file Form
230 frmschema-prettierrc-json .prettierrc configuration file Form
231 frmschema-prisma-yml prisma.yml service definition file Form
232 frmschema-project-json ASP.NET vNext project configuration file Form
233 frmschema-project-1-0-0-beta3-json ASP.NET vNext project configuration file Form
234 frmschema-project-1-0-0-beta4-json ASP.NET vNext project configuration file Form
235 frmschema-project-1-0-0-beta5-json ASP.NET vNext project configuration file Form
236 frmschema-project-1-0-0-beta6-json ASP.NET vNext project configuration file Form
237 frmschema-project-1-0-0-beta8-json ASP.NET vNext project configuration file Form
238 frmschema-project-1-0-0-rc1-json ASP.NET vNext project configuration file Form
239 frmschema-project-1-0-0-rc2-json .NET Core project configuration file Form
240 frmschema-prometheus-json Prometheus configuration file Form
241 frmschema-prometheus-rules-json Prometheus rules file Form
242 frmschema-proxies-json JSON schema for Azure Function Proxies proxies.json files Form
243 frmschema-publiccode-yml JSON schema for publiccode.yml Form
244 frmschema-pubspec-yaml Schema for pubspecs, the format used by Dart's dependency manager Form
245 frmschema-Pull-Request-Labeler A GitHub Action for automatically labelling pull requests Form
246 frmschema-pyrseas-0-8-json Pyrseas database schema versioning for Postgres databases, v0.8 Form
247 frmschema-Read-the-Docs Read the Docs configuration file Form
248 frmschema-Red-DiscordBot--og Red-DiscordBot Сog metadata file Form
249 frmschema-Red-DiscordBot--og-Repo Red-DiscordBot Сog Repo metadata file Form
250 frmschema-remarkrc A remark configuration file Form
251 frmschema-resjson Windows App localization file Form
252 frmschema-JSON-Resume A JSON schema to describe a résumé. Form
253 frmschema-Renovate Renovate config file ( Form
254 frmschema-RoadRunner Spiral Roadrunner config file schema Form
255 frmschema-Sapphire-CLI-Config Scheme for Sapphire CLI Config (@sapphire/cli) Form
256 frmschema-sarif-1-0-0-json Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) version 1 Form
257 frmschema-sarif-2-0-0-json Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) version 2 Form
258 frmschema-sarif-2-1-0-rtm-2 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF), Version 2.1.0-rtm.2 Form
259 frmschema-sarif-external-property-file-2-1-0-rtm-2 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF) External Property File Format, Version 2.1.0-rtm.2 Form
260 frmschema-sarif-2-1-0-rtm-3 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF), Version 2.1.0-rtm.3 Form
261 frmschema-sarif-external-property-file-2-1-0-rtm-3 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF) External Property File Format, Version 2.1.0-rtm.3 Form
262 frmschema-sarif-2-1-0-rtm-4 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF), Version 2.1.0-rtm.4 Form
263 frmschema-sarif-external-property-file-2-1-0-rtm-4 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF) External Property File Format, Version 2.1.0-rtm.4 Form
264 frmschema-sarif-2-1-0-rtm-5 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF), Version 2.1.0-rtm.5 Form
265 frmschema-sarif-external-property-file-2-1-0-rtm-5 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF) External Property File Format, Version 2.1.0-rtm.5 Form
266 frmschema-sarif-2-1-0 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF), Version 2.1.0 Form
267 frmschema-sarif-external-property-file-2-1-0 Static Analysis Results Format (SARIF) External Property File Format, Version 2.1.0 Form
268 frmschema-Schema-Catalog JSON Schema catalog files compatible with Form
269 frmschema-schema-org---Action JSON Schema for Action as defined by Form
270 frmschema-schema-org---ContactPoint JSON Schema for ContactPoint as defined by Form
271 frmschema-schema-org---Place JSON Schema for Place as defined by Form
272 frmschema-schema-org---Thing JSON Schema for Thing as defined by Form
273 frmschema-Scoop-manifest Scoop bucket app manifest Form
274 frmschema-Semgrep-Rule Semgrep code scanning patterns and rules Form
275 frmschema-settings-job Azure Webjob settings file Form
276 frmschema-sfdx-hardis-configuration Configuration file for sfdx-hardis Salesforce DX plugin Form
277 frmschema-size-limit-configuration Configuration file for size-limit Form
278 frmschema-skyuxconfig-json SKY UX CLI configuration file Form
279 frmschema-snapcraft snapcraft project ( Form
280 frmschema-Solidarity CLI config for enforcing environment settings Form
281 frmschema-Source-Maps-v3 Source Map files version 3 Form
282 frmschema-Sponge-Mixin-configuration Configuration file for SpongePowered's Mixin library Form
283 frmschema-sprite-files Schema for image sprite generation files Form
284 frmschema-Azure-Static-Web-Apps-configuration-file Documentation: Form
285 frmschema-StackHead-CLI-config Configuration file for StackHead CLI. See Form
286 frmschema-StackHead-module-configuration Configuration file for StackHead modules. See Form
287 frmschema-StackHead-project-definition Project definition file for deploying projects with StackHead. See Form
288 frmschema-StyleCop-Analyzers-Configuration Configuration file for StyleCop Analyzers Form
289 frmschema-stylelintrc Configuration file for stylelint Form
290 frmschema-SWADL Symphony Workflow Automation Definition Language. See Form
291 frmschema-Swagger-API-2-0 Swagger API 2.0 schema Form
292 frmschema-Taurus Taurus bzt cli framework config Form
293 frmschema-template-json JSON schema .NET template files Form
294 frmschema-templatsources-json SideWaffle template source schema Form
295 frmschema-theme-json-v1 WordPress block theme global settings and styles configuration file version 1 Form
296 frmschema-tmLanguage Language grammar description files in Textmate and compatible editors Form
297 frmschema-TestEnvironment-json Schema for Visual Studio's test environment config Form
298 frmschema-travis-yml Travis CI configuration file Form
299 frmschema-Traefik-v2 Traefik v2 YAML configuration file Form
300 frmschema-Traefik-v2-File-Provider Traefik v2 Dynamic Configuration File Provider Form
301 frmschema-trunk-yaml-schema Configuration schema for trunk, a powerful linter runner - Form
302 frmschema-tsconfig-json TypeScript compiler configuration file Form
303 frmschema-tsd-json JSON schema for DefinitelyTyped description manager (TSD) Form
304 frmschema-tsdrc-json TypeScript Definition manager (tsd) global settings file Form
305 frmschema-ts-force-config-json Generated Typescript classes for Salesforce Form
306 frmschema-tslint-json TypeScript Lint configuration file Form
307 frmschema-typewiz-json Typewiz configuration file Form
308 frmschema-typings-json Typings TypeScript definitions manager definition file Form
309 frmschema-typingsrc-json Typings TypeScript definitions manager configuration file Form
310 frmschema-up-json Up configuration file Form
311 frmschema-UI5-Manifest UI5 Manifest (manifest.json) Form
312 frmschema-ui5-yaml UI5 Tooling Configuration File (ui5.yaml) Form
313 frmschema-vega-json Vega visualization specification file Form
314 frmschema-vega-lite-json Vega-Lite visualization specification file Form
315 frmschema-Vela-Pipeline-Configuration Vela Pipeline Configuration File Form
316 frmschema-version-json A project version descriptor file used by Nerdbank.GitVersioning Form
317 frmschema-vim-addon-info JSON schema for vim plugin addon-info.json metadata files Form
318 frmschema-vsls-json Visual Studio Live Share configuration file Form
319 frmschema-vs-2017-3-host-json JSON schema for Visual Studio template host file Form
320 frmschema-vs-nesting-json JSON schema for Visual Studio's file nesting feature Form
321 frmschema-vsconfig JSON schema for Visual Studio component configuration files Form
322 frmschema-vsext JSON schema for Visual Studio extension pack manifests Form
323 frmschema-VSIX-CLI-publishing JSON schema for Visual Studio extension publishing Form
324 frmschema-vss-extension-json JSON Schema for Azure DevOps Extensions Form
325 frmschema-div-RIOTS--studio-configuration JSON schema for the <div>RIOTS' studio configuration Form
326 frmschema-WebExtensions JSON schema for WebExtension manifest files Form
327 frmschema-Web-App-Manifest Web Application manifest file Form
328 frmschema-webjobs-list-json Azure Webjob list file Form
329 frmschema-webjobpublishsettings-json Azure Webjobs publish settings file Form
330 frmschema-Web-types JSON standard for web component libraries metadata Form
331 frmschema-JSON-stat-2-0 JSON-stat 2.0 Schema Form
332 frmschema-KSP-AVC The .version file format for KSP-AVC Form
333 frmschema-KSP-CKAN Metadata spec for KSP-CKAN Form
334 frmschema-JSON-Schema-Draft-4 Meta-validation schema for JSON Schema Draft 4 Form
335 frmschema-JSON-Schema-Draft-7 Meta-validation schema for JSON Schema Draft 7 Form
336 frmschema-JSON-Schema-Draft-8 Meta-validation schema for JSON Schema Draft 8 Form
337 frmschema-xunit-runner-json runner configuration file Form
338 frmschema-servicehub-service-json Microsoft ServiceHub Service Form
339 frmschema-servicehub-config-json Microsoft ServiceHub Configuration Form
340 frmschema-cryproj-engine-5-2 A JSON schema for CRYENGINE projects (.cryproj files) Form
341 frmschema-cryproj-engine-5-3 A JSON schema for CRYENGINE projects (.cryproj files) Form
342 frmschema-cryproj-engine-5-4 A JSON schema for CRYENGINE projects (.cryproj files) Form
343 frmschema-cryproj-engine-5-5 A JSON schema for CRYENGINE projects (.cryproj files) Form
344 frmschema-cryproj-engine-dev A JSON schema for CRYENGINE projects (.cryproj files) Form
345 frmschema-cryproj--generic A JSON schema for CRYENGINE projects (.cryproj files) Form
346 frmschema-typedoc-json A JSON schema for the Typedoc configuration file Form
347 frmschema-huskyrc Husky can prevent bad `git commit`, `git push` and more 🐶 woof! Form
348 frmschema-lintstagedrc JSON schema for lint-staged config Form
349 frmschema-mta-yaml A JSON schema for MTA projects v3.3 Form
350 frmschema-mtad-yaml A JSON schema for MTA deployment descriptors v3.3 Form
351 frmschema-mtaext A JSON schema for MTA extension descriptors v3.3 Form
352 frmschema-xs-app-json JSON schema for the SAP Application Router v8.2.2 Form
353 frmschema-Opctl Opctl schema for describing an op Form
354 frmschema-HEMTT HEMTT Project File Form
355 frmschema-now ZEIT Now project configuration file Form
356 frmschema-taskcat taskcat Form
357 frmschema-BizTalkServerApplicationSchema BizTalk server application inventory json file. Form
358 frmschema-httpmockrc Http-mocker is a tool for mock local requests or proxy remote requests. Form
359 frmschema-neoload Neotys as-code load test specification, more at: Form
360 frmschema-release-drafter Release Drafter configuration file Form
361 frmschema-zuul Zuul CI configuration file Form
362 frmschema-Briefcase Microsoft Briefcase configuration file Form
363 frmschema-httparchive HTTP Archive Form
364 frmschema-jsdoc JSDoc configuration file Form
365 frmschema-Ray Ray autocluster configuration file Form
366 frmschema-Hadolint A smarter Dockerfile linter that helps you build best practice Docker images. Form
367 frmschema-helmfile Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts Form
368 frmschema-inoma Žinoma incremental build configuration Form
369 frmschema-Windows-Package-Manager-Singleton-Manifest Windows Package Manager Singleton Manifest file Form
370 frmschema-Windows-Package-Manager-Installer-Manifest Windows Package Manager Installer Manifest file, used for detailing installer specific metadata. Form
371 frmschema-Windows-Package-Manager-Locale-Manifest Windows Package Manager Locale Manifest file, used for detailing locale specific metadata. Form
372 frmschema-commitlintrc JSON schema for commitlint configuration files Form
373 frmschema-Uniswap-Token-List A list of tokens compatible with the Uniswap Interface Form
374 frmschema-yamllint yamllint uses a set of rules to check source files for problems Form
375 frmschema-Yippee-Ki-JSON-configuration-YML Action and rule configuration descriptor for Yippee-Ki-JSON transformations. Form
376 frmschema-devinit Devinit configuration file schema. Form
377 frmschema-tsoa JSON Schema for the tsoa configuration file Form
378 frmschema-API-Builder schema Form
379 frmschema-Gradle-Enterprise Gradle Enterprise configuration schema Form
380 frmschema-Gradle-Build-Cache-Node Gradle Build Cache Node configuration schema Form
381 frmschema-yarnrc-yml JSON Schema for Yarnrc files Form
382 frmschema-beau-yml JSON Schema for a Beaujs Requests file. Form
383 frmschema-Better-Code-Hub Configuration file for Better Code Hub to override the default configuration. Form
384 frmschema-comet JSON Schema for a Comet Data Pipeline. Form
385 frmschema-swcrc JSON Schema for swc configuration files. Form
386 frmschema-OpenWeather-Road-Risk-API JSON Schema for OpenWeather Road Risk API responses. Form
387 frmschema-OpenWeather-Current-Weather-API JSON Schema for OpenWeather Current Weather API responses. Form
388 frmschema-JSON-e-templates JSON Schema for JSON-e templates. Form
389 frmschema-Taskfile-YAML-Schema JSON Schema for Taskfile files. Form
390 frmschema-Hammerkit-YAML-Schema JSON Schema for hammerkit files. Form
391 frmschema-Containerlab JSON Schema for Containerlab topology definition files. Form
392 frmschema-User-Journey-Map-YAML-Schema JSON Schema for user journey map definition files. Form
393 frmschema-RKE-Cluster-Configuration-YAML-Schema YAML Schema for the cluster.yml configuration file for RKE Form
394 frmschema-RKE-Cluster-Configuration-JSON-Schema JSON Schema for the cluster.json configuration file for RKE Form
395 frmschema-Liquibase Use this schema to get auto-suggestions for your liquibase JSON/YAML files. Form
396 frmschema-skaffold-yaml Schema for the skaffold.yaml configuration file for Skaffold ( Form
397 frmschema-markdownlint-json Markdownlint configuration file Form
398 frmschema-SauceCTL-Configuration JSON Schema for SauceCTL configuration files. Form
399 frmschema-fulibWorkflows JSON Schema for fulib Workflow files. Form
400 frmschema-Woodpecker-pipeline-config YAML schema for configuring Woodpecker CI Form
401 frmschema-bamboo-spec The Bamboo Specs allows you to define Bamboo configuration as code, and have corresponding plans/deployments created or updated automatically in Bamboo Form
402 frmschema-bitrise The configuration format of the Bitrise CLI. Bitrise is a collection of tools and services to help you with the development and automation of your software projects, with a main focus on mobile apps. Form
403 frmschema-bitrise-step Steps and Workflows are the heart of how Bitrise works. A Bitrise build is simply a series of Steps. Bitrise is a collection of tools and services to help you with the development and automation of your software projects, with a main focus on mobile apps. Form
404 frmschema-JSON-schema-for-CodeShip-Pro-services-configuration-files Schema for codeship-services.yml files. Form
405 frmschema-JSON-schema-for-CodeShip-Pro-steps-configuration-files Schema for codeship-steps.yml files. Form
406 frmschema-AWS-CloudFormation AWS CloudFormation provides a common language for you to describe and provision all the infrastructure resources in your cloud environment. Form
407 frmschema-AWS-CloudFormation-Serverless-Application-Model--SAM The AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM, previously known as Project Flourish) extends AWS CloudFormation to provide a simplified way of defining the Amazon API Gateway APIs, AWS Lambda functions, and Amazon DynamoDB tables needed by your serverless application. Form
408 frmschema-crowdin-yml A JSON schema to configure Crowdin, a crowd-translation platform. See Form
409 frmschema-ninjs--News-in-JSON A JSON Schema for ninjs by the IPTC. News and publishing information. See Form
410 frmschema-pgap-yaml-input-reader NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline (PGAP) input metadata (submol) JSON/YAML configuration file Form
411 frmschema-SpecIF The Specification Integration Facility (SpecIF) integrates partial system models from different methods and tools in a semantic net. See and Form
412 frmschema-Stale Configuration file for Stale for closing abandoned issues and pull requests. See Form
413 frmschema-Stryker-Mutator Configuration file for Stryker Mutator, the mutation testing framework for JavaScript and friends. See Form
414 frmschema-Container-Structure-Test The Container Structure Tests provide a powerful framework to validate the structure of a container image. Form
415 frmschema-docker-compose-yml The Compose specification establishes a standard for the definition of multi-container platform-agnostic applications. Form
416 frmschema-Pipeline-component YAML schema for the Kubeflow Pipelines' component.yaml files which describe a pipeline components. Component consists of input/output definitions and the description of the implementation which can either be a containerized command line program or a interconnected graph of tasks. See Form
417 frmschema-fJsonTest Form